Derby Race
Derby Race Derby Race Derby Race Derby Race

Derby Race


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Product Information:

Place your bets & get ready for the derby. Our colorful Fun Derby race track has three starting gates and inflated horses for your guest jockeys of every age and size. Riders will have a blast hopping down this inflatable race track as the crowd cheers their favorite horse to a photo finish. Be the first to get your horse across the finish line to win the race. The game comes with three inflated horses sized to fit your party goers.

Guests mount their horses, line up at the starting gate, hold on, push off with their feet and bounce along the track on their horses made of strong, heavy weight material. The first player to reach the finish line and pass beneath the winner’s arch wins the race!

Dimensions: 30Lx18Wx11H
Age: 4+
Participants: 3 users at a time, no double riding, 175 lbs per user max. 
Power requirements:1 (one)15 amp circuit
Attendants: 1

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    Our primary delivery area is Dane and Jefferson Counties. Jefferson County includes Fort Atkinson, Jefferson, Johnson Creek, Lake Mills and Watertown. Dane County includes Cambridge, Cottage Grove, Deerfield, Deforest, Fitchburg, Madison, McFarland, Monona, Middleton, Stoughton, Sun Prairie, Waunakee, and the rest of Dane County, WI. We also deliver to other parts of Wisconsin, and to northern Illinois!

    Based on location a delivery fee may be applicable.


    Dimensions: L15 x W15 x H16

    Age requirement: 2+

    Participants: 4-5 users at the same time, maximum 175 lb per user

    Power requirement: 1 (one) 15 or 20 amps dedicated circuit of constant power. Power source MUST be within 100ft.

    Attendant: 1 supervisor required at all times

    Prohibited items: No shoes, food, drinks, glitter, sand or pets inside Castle Bounce. Silly strings are STRICLY prohibited! 

    Drying and Cleaning: If drying (intentional use of water or rain) or extra cleaning (dirt, sand, food, glitter, etc) is required, a $50 fee will be applied.


    Delivery path (from our truck to the set up area)must be clear and any incline/decline must be less than 30 degrees.

    Setup area: Must be flat (any incline/decline must be within 5 degrees). 

    Surface: grass, pavement, indoors, NO gravel or sand!

    Required door/gate width (if applicable): 36 inches

    Terrain conditions: no garbage, tree branches, tall grass/weeds or animal liter.


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    The free delivery area includes Stoughton, McFarland, Fitchburg, Madison, Verona, Middleton, Deforest, Sun Prairie, Cottage Grove, Deerfield and most of the Dane County, WI.

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    Age: 3+

    Participants: 1 user at the time, 175lb per user

    Power requirement: 1 (one) 15 amp circuit

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    Dimensions: L66 X W13 X H18

    Age: 3+

    Participants: 2 users at the same time, maximum 200lb per user

    Power requirement: 3 (three) 15 amp circuit

    Attendant: 2