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Get all your friends together to shoot the Pirates! Two players at a time use nerf shooters to knock out all the pirates in their cove! The inflatable provides a safe shooting environment and enhances coordination skills. There are three targets for each players and the player with the most scores win the game. Have some fun chasing the pirate out of their cave!

Age: 8+
Requirements:1 (one) 15/20 amps circuit
Attendants: 1

Dimensions: L11 X W11 X H6.5

Price: $229

Age: 5+

Participants: 2 users at the same time

Power requirement: 1 (one) 15 amp circuits

Attendant: 1

Price: $229.00 per 7 / hrs.

Customer Rating:    3 of 5 (1 votes)

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Pirate's Cove Shooters

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