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Stay in the center (king) square of the game as long as possible. How long will you be king? Simple, fun, addicting.  9 Square in the Air!

The person in the middle square (the king square) will serve the ball by hitting the ball up and out of their square.  When the ball comes into your square simply hit the ball up and out of your square into any other square.  

Major Rules:
     – If the ball falls into your square, you are out.
     – If the ball is hit outside of the whole game structure,
        the last person who touched the ball is out.
     – If someone double hits the ball, they are out.
     – If someone hits the game structure, they are out.
When someone gets out, they move to the back of the line.  Everyone who was behind them will advance forward one square to fill-in the empty place.


Dimensions: L25 x W25 x H 8

Age: 10+, recommended

Participants: up to 9 users at the same time

Power requirement: 1 (one) 15 amp circuit

Attendant: 1

Price: $249.00 per 7 / hrs.

Customer Rating:    3.4 of 5 (5 votes)

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9 Square Volleyball

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