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Product Information:

Our Easy Dunker dunking tanks have been delighting crowds for years. The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic, or dunking the local "celebrity" at fundraiser events has become an American pastime.

The Dunk Tank has always been a leading money maker at fairs, carnivals, and block parties as well as a great rental item.  Dunking your friends can be just as much fun as dunking your boss, so our dunk tanks are super popular at backyard parties, graduation parties, family reunions and more.  

Just let the tank fill with water and the fun can begin.  This 500 gallon tank will make a huge splash at your party or special event. The fill time will depend on your water pressure, taking anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours.  Some people like to add a little hot water, while other like it as cold as possible.

*** Customer is responsible for filling the Dunk Tank and providing the water supply that is no more than 100 feet from placement of Dunk Tank.  Dunk Tank will be delivered at least 2 hours before the event start time.  

Rules :

Easy Dunker must always have an adult operator on duty when in use.

Keep water level filled to at least 8" from top of tank.

Only one at a time allowed on the seat or in the tank.

Keep all non-swimmers, anyone less than 5' tall, over 250 pounds or over  6.5' tall out of tank.

To keep from slipping, the dunkee must always wear tennis shoes.

When tank is unattended, always drain water.

Never use baseballs or other hard balls.

Never stand on seat.

Do not hit target with hands

Dunker Safety Responsibilities:

Each time the dunkee climbs on the seat, they must first make sure the seat is securely locked in place and that the safety latch is engaged.  

The dunkee should use handles to assist in climbing on to the tank and for getting back up onto the seat after being dunked However, dunkee must not hold onto the handles while being dunked.  

 Advise dunkee to move towards the front of the tank when coming up out of the water to avoid hitting head on the seat.

When being dunked, the dunkee must keep hands on knees and sit forward on the seat.

**Dunkee must read all safety rules on dunk tank prior to entering.

Participants: 1 user at a time, 250 lbs max,  swimmers not less than 5 ft  not taller than 6.5 ft 

Power requirement: 0

Attendant: 1

Product Reviews:

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