Gladiator Joust- $350

Weight: 295 Lbs. W20' x H5'x L20' , plus tax
This inflatables is great for those kids that like to compete as well has have a good fun time. Soft batons still create a great game. It is also great for kids just to bounce and have fun!

Sumo Suits w/ mat -  $275

Includes 2 suits, mat, helmets and rules
Get inside our Sumo Suit rentals and get ready for the funniest style of wrestling known to man. (These are NOT foam-filled Sumo Costume suits), Includes Sumo-style Wig Helmets designed for safety, the Miwashi belt (A.K.A. = Diaper). Fun is looking like a 300 pound sumo wrestler.

STicky velcro Wall -  $375

weight 275lbs  W14xH120xL16
Launch yourself through the air and see how high up on our Sticky Wall you can make yourself ’stick.’ Recommended Events: Festivals, church lock-ins, company picnics, post prom parties & sports. 1 person 5+ Young or Adults, 3 different size suits, 1 person, Max weight 250lbs, 

lagoon of doom - log roll $495

Weight 395lbs  W20 x H11 x L20 Max 
The lagoon of doom is the ultimate log roll attraction perfect for any festival, picnic, carnival, or special event you are planning. Stay a top the log as it spins, failure to keep your balance end up leaving you to the gators in the Lagoon of DOOM! Includes delivery set-up & take down

Bungee run dual lane course $695

Weight 495lbs  W12xH12xL30 Max weight 175lbs
2 person bungee run with basketball hoops & batons, 2 people. Snap in the harness and run as fast as you can and place the baton. You will bounce back on the infltables. Includes delivery set-up & takedown

Pony hops   $150/2,  $275/4

Weight: Light! 1 pony per person Max weight 500lbs per unit
Our Pony Hops are used in many fantastic events by fans all around. From kids to adults, there is a size for everyone to enjoy and get plenty of use out of. Rent 1 to 4 units. Kid size pony hops coming this fall. 

4 in 1 JOUST sports play - $395

Weight: 295 Lbs. W18' x H12'x L18' 
This unit is a combination of Joust, Volleyball, High Ball, Basketball. You can enjoy 1 sports after another with simple changes. Add in Big Boxing Gloves for $50.00 -